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Professional Baggage Scanner

Professional Baggage Scanner

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The Bridgepoint BP6040 PRO is a model of X-ray baggage scanner that is commonly  used for security screening in airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs, as well as in government buildings and other high-security facilities. 

Features and Benefits

The BP6040 PRO X-ray Baggage Scanner features a high-resolution 19-inch color LCD display, giving you a clear images for efficient analysis by your on-sidte operators.

The scanner uses a 24-bit depth L-type photodiode array detector for the X-ray sensor, producing accurate and reliable detection of energy levels. The beam direction of the BP6040 PRO is upward, allowing for simple scanning of baggage and items.

Our scanner is certified with CE, ISO, FCC, and ROSH certifications, and is in compliance with international standards for quality, safety, and environmental regulations.

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