Collection: Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand-held security metal detectors are portable and convenient devices used for individual and targeted screenings. They are widely used by security personnel, law enforcement officers, and even private individuals in various settings. These detectors are designed to be held and waved over a person or object to detect the presence of hidden metallic items.

Hand-held security metal detectors are commonly used in situations where there is a need for more focused and specific screenings. They are often deployed in locations where walk-through detectors may not be practical or insufficient, such as at entrances of buildings, during random checks on individuals, or in areas with limited space. These devices are highly effective in detecting concealed weapons, such as knives or firearms, and other metallic objects that may pose a security threat.

Moreover, hand-held metal detectors are also used in security checkpoints, including at airports, to complement the screening process conducted by walk-through detectors. Security personnel can use these portable devices to conduct secondary searches on individuals who may have triggered an alert from the walk-through detector. They provide an additional layer of security to ensure that no potential threats are missed during the screening process.