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Metal Detector Wand

Metal Detector Wand

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Our hand-held metal detecting wand offers easy pin-point accuracy to help find metal objects hidden in clothing.

The scanner uses a simple 9V battery and features an alarm sound along with light.

1. Light Weight

2. Easy Operation

3. Wrist Strap

4. Sound (Vibration) and Light Alarms

The Hand-Held Detector Wand is the ultimate solution for heightened security and peace of mind. Designed with advanced technology, this powerful wand ensures no threat goes undetected. Whether you're in need of enhanced security measures at airports, schools, or special events, this detector wand is a reliable and efficient option.

description of all features on our hand held metal detector

With its ergonomic design and easy-to-use functionality, this handheld wand is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Its lightweight construction allows for seamless maneuvering, while its sleek design makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods. Equipped with an audible and visual alarm system, this detector wand ensures that any dangerous objects are immediately detected, offering you a heightened sense of security. Don't compromise on safety—invest in the Hand-Held Detector Wand and protect what matters most.

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