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33 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

33 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

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The Bridgepoint walk-through metal detector is suited for access point security. With a large touch screen to adjust sensitivity, it's easy to calibrate this metal detector for weapons, or items smaller than a coin.

Assembled and tested in the U.S.A. we carry inventory on this item and you can expect FAST shipping out of Denver, Colorado.  

The 33 detection zones with LED lighting and adjustable alarm sound allows your screeners to easily and quickly determine the pin-point location of any metal passing through the detector.

Our BP-800 PLUS features:

1. Easy 15 Minute Assembly

2. Touch Screen Settings (Password Protected)

3. Adjustable Sensitivity 0-999 to fit your security needs

4. Commercial Quality Construction (2 year warranty)

5. 33 Detection Zones

6. Infrared Pass Counter

7. Frequency: 4K-8Khz Adjustable

8. IP53 Weatherproofing

9. Operating Temps -4F to 113F



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